Exclusive Snapchat Spectacles

By Angelina Liang

Addendum Editor

Snap Inc., the creator of high- ly successful social media app Snapchat, has begun selling camera glasses called Spectacles that record ten second videos onto the Snapchat app.

The glasses feature a 115 degree wide angle camera, lights that flash when recording is in progress, as well as bluetooth and wi-fi connection capabilities. They can currently only shoot videos, not stills and are only compatible with the Snapchat app.

The bright, retro-styled sunglasses come in shades of teal, coral, and black. A pair of Spectacles purchased from a verified location comes with an innovative case that doubles as a charger.

“The technology itself is full of compromises. The video quality is grainy […] and transferring videos takes too long,” stated The Wall Street Journal writer Joanna Stern in her overview of the new camera glasses.

Snapbots, which act like pop-up shops, are removed from each location within 48 hours. The locations of these machines are unknown, with the only clue being a 24 hour countdown on the Spectacles website before a new machine is placed and its position revealed.

The $129 pair of sunglasses are available for purchase through a randomly placed vending machine called a Snapbot or at the temporary Bot House in New York City, which will be open through Dec. 31.

Those who wish to purchase a pair of these camera glasses must constantly keep track of location reveals and get to a known Snapbot before the vending machine runs out of products.

Within California, the Snapbot have been spotted in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Most recently, the Snapbot has been found in Austin, Texas.

“They are new and […] user friendly,” stated Kurumi Fukushima, CNBC Digital Producer.


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