Pirate hostages released

By Jasmine Venegas

Staff Writer

Somali pirates have released 26 hostages after having kept them for nearly five years in captivity.

According to CNN, 29 hostages were taken in March 2012 on a hijacked ship south of the Seychelles. Of the 29, one died during the hijacking and two died from illness while in captivity. The hostages were all men from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

The men were taken to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, where they were released into freedom and were overwhelmed with happiness. One of the hostages, who requested to remain anonymous, stated, “I am so glad that I am now free, it feels good to be treated like a human again.”

Taiwan’s foreign affairs ministry said the men were freed after a ransom was paid by the ship’s owner as well as groups contracted to negotiate with the pirates. According to BBC, Bile Hussein, the pirates’ representative, claimed that the value of that ransom was $1.5 million, but the entire exchange has not been fully disclosed.

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What’s Hot/ What’s Not

By Cassandra Gallegos

Entertainment Editor

What’s Hot




Despite its cost, UNIF is one of the most stylish and unique brands of today. The brand features models of all body types, which promotes body positivity.


Glossy Eyelids

Both cute and simple, the new glossy lid trend is easy for anyone to recreate. All one needs to achieve this look is lip gloss and their finger.


Bella Hadid and the Weeknd

Model Bella and singer Abel are trendy and successful. They rightfully own the title of the most fashionable duo with their always chic outfits.

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Nintendo Switch

By Linus Chhun

Staff Writer

Set to release on Jan. 13, the Nintendo Switch will include new functions and introduce controllers. There will also be a better third party support. It will be the improved version of the Wii U. More details and information will come around in January.

Being the first hybrid of consoles and a handheld device, the Nintendo Switch has high expectations after the release of the reveal trailer, fans are quite excited for the Nintendo Switch live stream around the month of January.

“I believe that the Nintendo Switch is going to be popular because it is basically an upgrade of the Nintendo electronic devices, with better 3rd party support and being the revolution of being a console and portable device,” said Carlisle Vinuya, Gabrielino High School freshman.

According to GamesRadar, the prices range from $299-$349, using the Wii U model as a comparison for price.

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Pixel, Pixel XL first Google phones

By Christopher Lung

Staff Writer

During an announcement event in San Francisco on Oct. 4, Google introduced two new smartphones: Pixel and Pixel XL.

The differences between these two phones are the display and battery size.

These two devices make up the first hardware individually designed and produced by Google, which indicates an unprecedented shift in the manufacturing for the tech company. The phones have multiple capabilities and features along with high-end specifications.

Pixel comes in two sizes and three colors, which are named Quite Black, Very Silver, or Really Blue. The device is made up of a glass-aluminum body that includes a fingerprint sensor on the rear of the phone.

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Moana, first Disney Polynesian Princess

By Kaylan Kha

Features Editor

Sailing into theaters on Nov. 23, “Moana” is the newest movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

It tells the story of Moana Waialiki, a Polynesian teenager who ventures from the comforts of her home to seek a mythical island that her ancestors failed to find.

On her quest to find the forgotten land, Moana encounters multiple obstacles including enormous monsters.

Accompanying her on the journey is the demigod Maui, and together, in search for the island, they end up discovering the meaning of who they are.

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Restore character, safety to pranking

By Christine Tran

Staff Writer

It was only a few years ago when someone’s idea of a prank was to slip a whoopee cushion on a chair or “rickroll” one of their friends. In 2016, our definition of a prank has become warped due to pranksters who feel the need to reach new extremes. All of us, including pranksters, need to remember that pranks should be harmless fun, rather than potential crimes.

The rise of prank videos began in 2013 when Youtube noted that their top ten pranking creators had clocked roughly 3.5 billion views. This reign continued on to 2015, when overall prank videos accounted for 17.7 billion views, according to Tubular Labs.

Yet, as more and more pranking videos are being uploaded, the more the medium strays from its original purpose.

“The pranking genre has crossed a line and it’s gotten very fake,” said Jesse Wellens, who owns the Youtube channel PrankvsPrank with Jeana Smith, to Tubefilter, a company that curates digital entertainment media. It seems like every prank has already been done, which is why it is difficult for honest pranksters to create new, innovative pranks as old ones become redundant.

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