Savoy Kitchen serves only the best

By Marleld Duran

Staff Writer

Established in 1982, Savoy Kitchen, located in Alhambra, serves quality food at a fair price. Even though it is a Singaporean restaurant, the Kitchen also serves Asian and Italian food. Before arriving I searched the restaurant on Yelp and although a majority of the reviews were four stars or higher, their most common dish did not look very appetizing. The Hainan chicken looked bland. It came with steamed rice and a few sauces.

I was quickly seated outside and the waitress handed me the menu which included different types of soups and salads, pasta, pizza, curry, and the house specialties. Among their most popular dishes are their beef curry stew and shrimp rolls. However, they are most known for is their Hainan chicken rice.

I ordered the Malaysian-styled beef curry stew which includes assorted herbs, fruits, vegetables, and the option of steamed rice or pasta as a side. I also ordered chicken pasta, and iced tea with lemon that comes with free refills.

My drink was served right away and I was able to add as much sweetener to my liking. Within just the next six minutes the curry had been served with a generous amount of pasta on the side topped with onions.

The curry had thick pieces of soft boiled potatoes and beef that easily teared apart. Although it was delicious, most of the dish was taken up by large parts of beef fat when I would have preferred more potatoes or meat.

The chicken pasta was served shortly after and the aroma was impeccable. The chicken was very juicy and the sauce burst with the flavor of vegetables. The pizza bread on the side was crunchy on the outside while the inside was warm and soft.

The service was outstanding and the waitress was friendly throughout my visit. I never had to ask for a refill and the waitress would constantly check up on me to make sure my experience was excellent.

Even though the waiters were hospitable, they were to be over my shoulder constantly. This made me feel uncomfortable at times.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience, I will return to try their famed Hainan chicken. Savoy Kitchen is definitely the place to go for a cheap yet flavorful meal to fill one up.

Savoy Kitchen

138 Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA

(626) 308-9535

Monday to Saturday hours:

11:00am to 10:00 pm

Sunday hours: closed


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