First Creativity Trophies awarded

By Kelly Wong

Staff Writers

The Creativity Trophy is a new award created to encourage creative thinking, as per the theme of Gabrielino High School this year, “Creating Opportunities. The trophy is given to a faculty or staff member who demonstrates creativity in their lessons or daily duties.

The winner of the Creativty Trophy is announced at the monthly faculty meetings. Before that, however, faculty and staff members must email Kat Ross, art teacher, a lesson plan or activity that they feel is unique and utilizes either their of their students’ creativity. Then, the visual and performing arts department, a board of eight teachers, votes on the most creative lesson.

The first Creativity Trophy was awarded on Sept. 12 to Mike Huang. It recognized his method of developing calculus skills, such as creating numbered pairs and graphs, through the game Battleship. He designed this activity after searching for a fun way to help his students understand math concepts that would otherwise be difficult for them.

Huang was shocked when he received the award and remains optimistic about the future of the award, hoping that it will continue on next year.

“I believe something like this would really allow teachers to start over again and create something creative for the students, and not just for themselves,” stated Huang.

The second Creativity Trophy was awarded two days ago to Marguerita Drew, English teacher, for her introductory lesson to William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

“I never win anything!” Drew exclaimed upon receiving the award at the Nov. 16 faculty meeting.

Her winning lesson included students insulting each other using Shakespeare’s language, a pictionary contest, and discussions about ghosts and revenge.


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