Election stuns Americans, gorillas

By Jasmine Lam

Staff writer

With an estimated 15,000 write-in votes, many Americans are surprised that Harambe the gorilla has been successful in becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Harambe is preparing himself to represent our country appropriately while runner-up, Mickey Mouse, slowly fades into the background. This presidential election was by far the best as the media consistently kept the people informed by giving accurate information. Results were met with unanimous applause, and no riots have been reported.

The media was truly reliable and refrained from biased reporting. However, at one point I saw that ABC News released the wrong number of votes for a moment, which was a letdown. It was a good thing I had Fox News to give me the correct number of votes otherwise I would have been truly lost.

The fact that voters took their civic duty seriously really makes me and this country proud. I stayed up until 12 a.m. to get the results and it was tough. This election left me on the edge of my seat and it felt like I was sitting on pins and needles. The mouse and the gorilla were neck and neck the whole night and I could not stand it which is why I am giving this four and a half stars.

Also, presidential candidates Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton made brief appearances. The real steal of the show was when Clinton modeled how to properly wear a pantsuit and Trump taught viewers how to be classy with his professionalism.

Still, I had hoped Mickey would make an appearance but according to his twitter-handle, Mickey2016, it would seem that he resided in one of his well known towers, Mouse Tower, all night while Harambe watched results rolling in from Cincinnati Zoo with his fellow gorillas.

Overall, the wait to find out who would be the 45th president was not worth it. I would not recommend staying up until midnight, especially for students. However, the appearances of Trump and Clinton made my night as I felt a true sense of pride in our country.


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