Election 2020: Trump’s Legacy

By Brendan Villena

Staff Writer

Four years ago, Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States of America, and I’d say that life around the new United States of America has changed drastically.

I’m not talking “changed” as in just a changed atmosphere, or even a different president in the White House. I mean changed as in the formerly known White House has been transformed into the Trump Hotel and Casino, which also happens to be the place where “crooked” Hillary Clinton won the $8 million jackpot just to break even from the lawsuits that were implemented onto her after the 2016 election.

Trump’s presidency has not been a total bust, however. He has lowered taxes nationwide. In fact, he has lowered them so much, the American economy is now on the verge of collapse.

During Trump’s initial campaign, he discussed the construction of the infamous Trump wall: a wall that would be built across the border of Mexico, separating it from the United States. I don’t think he realized that by deporting all illegal immigrants, American citizens would have to build it. After discussion with his diverse cabinet members, the Trump Administration decided to cancel the entire project. In a last ditch effort, Trump then announced plans to build a different wall around the newly renovated Trump Hotel and Casino.

When President Trump said that he “makes the best deals,” and “no one makes deals better than him,” we didn’t exactly know what he was talking about. I guess he did a little research on good deals, because within the first quarter of his term, he sold the Louisiana Territory back to France, which included 14 U.S. states, for $16 million.

California finally seceded from the rest of the Union and became the first U.S. state to become its own country.

Trump refused to acknowledge climate change, which led to Alaska’s icebergs and glaciers melting. Alaska then decided to join California, which is now once again the Bear Republic. However, Alaska is now a barren wasteland that not even penguins dare to live on.

I just don’t want Trump to get elected for another term. The 2020 election is between Donald Trump for the Republican Party and Kanye West running independently. I live in the Bear Republic, so I do not have a vote, but I’m really concerned for who takes the reins of being the new dictator of the United States of America. If I could vote, I would vote for Yeezy, no questions asked.


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