“Dracula” makes debut tonight

By Kaylin Tran

World Editor

Gabrielino High School’s Drama Club will present their production of “Dracula” tonight, Saturday, and Sunday in the Goodson Theater. Tickets will be sold at the door for $5.

“Dracula,” originally an 1897 horror novel by Bram Stoker, is about a vampire named Count Dracula. He moves to London in order to spread the curse of the undead.

This is not the first time that Drama Club advisor Jan Gluskin has directed this play. There were two other performances of “Dracula” prior to this one, but Gluskin has ”always wanted to do it again on the great stage and this seemed like a [good] year.”

Gabrielino’s version will include a rewritten opening that is brought in from the movie. The original play only called for nine characters, but Gluskin wanted to bring in other characters from the movie to create a number  of roles fit for a total of 25 cast members.

“Some [directors] decorate their sets with art. I decorate it with people,” said Gluskin.

In addition to the large student cast, there are also teachers and staff members who aid Jan with the production. Diana Fagan, former Spanish teacher at Gabrielino, coaches the actors and actresses on their dialogue, Joseph Cichy, special education teacher, helps with the musical renditions, and JC Gafford, stage crew teacher, is in charge of the sets and lighting.

The crew had to overcome many challenges, as several actors had to be able to create and embody their own roles. Stagecraft member and junior James Pookoom noted that there was also a setback with the building of the set itself. However, the crew was eventually able to work around it and the cast continued to focus on getting the play performance-ready.

Despite the large number of cast and crew members that work both on and off stage, the club manages to bond together and make the production process seem more like play than work.

Senior Eleanor Schob, president of Drama Club, says that she loves how the hype of the play is at its peak and she looks forward to seeing the crowd on opening night.

“You get to see everything come full circle. It’s one of the things I’m going to miss about high school,” stated Schob.


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