Students participate in YIG election

By Venisa Wang

Staff writer

For the sixteenth year in a row, Gabrielino High School held its annual Youth in Government (YIG) election, showcasing a group of ten students who are passionate about improving the city of San Gabriel. Voter turnout from students was one of the biggest in Gabrielino history.

Before the election, YIG speeches took place on Oct. 7 in the Goodson Theatre, with approximately 150 students filling up the seats. After days of campaigning, the ten candidates, Elysia Adi, Deandra Du, Joseph Glenn, Kevin Ing, Keanu Lim, Bianca Moy, Sanjaye Narayan, Calvin Nguyen, Nathan Wu, and Claudia Yu, delivered their prepared speeches, explaining the reasons behind why they would best represent their city.

Before the bell rang for first period, City Clerks Janet Han and Ethan Tan didn’t have much preparing to do, as they worked together weeks before the election in order to ensure that things would run smoothly.

“We planned everything ahead and [were] able to communicate with the city council candidates,” stated Han. “Ms. Monahan also provided us with guidance, which allowed Ethan and I to facilitate the election smoothly.”

Once first period began, the candidates lined up on the stage, prepared to give their speeches amidst the sea of students. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors in a history class, and freshmen in a health class, were able to attend.

Period by period, candidates talked about what they would contribute to city council if elected. Some even threw out witty puns to get the crowd laughing.

“In my period, the candidates were really outgoing,” said senior Serena Macias. “I think the casual atmosphere played into that because everyone watching was laughing and joking around with the candidates.”

Speaking became an ongoing process for the candidates, but each round of speeches entailed a different atmosphere as there was a new batch of students each period.

Candidate Nathan Wu stated, “I feel like some rounds went better than others, but it just really depended on what periods the students were in. After lunch, most students were energetic, but before that, students seemed to be sleepy.”

The results of the election on Oct. 11 named Narayan as City Mayor, Glenn as Vice City Mayor, and Du, Ng, and Wu as City Council members. The remaining candidates will continue the program as honorary council members.


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