Guyer new Assistant Principal

By Deandra Du

Editor in chief

On Oct. 3, Christopher Guyer made his debut as Gabrielino High School’s new Assistant Principal.

Since the departure of Jonathan Lyons, Assistant Principals Ruth Esseln and Vincent Lopez have taken on busier schedules. Guyer plans to ease their workload, and is happy to help because the faculty have been patient and kind with him since day one.

“Every day that I am here just reinforces that I made the right decision,” stated Guyer.

He says that although he is just getting to know the staff, they do their job so well that it makes his even easier.

“When we start new positions we are all nervous and want to do things right. But he’s always smiling and that gives us a lot of energy,” stated Accounting Secretary Sheryl Ramirez, also a new face to Gabrielino.

While working as an assistant principal in South Los Angeles months back, he was notified of the Gabrielino opening online. Guyer was not looking, but he could not resist the opportunity, and decided to apply.

Out of 39 applicants, he was the only one impressive enough to make the third round of the interviewing process, where he was questioned by Deputy Superintendent Tiffany Rudek and Principal Sharon Heinrich.

Heinrich says what won her over was the fact that Guyer is student-centered, putting kids at the core of what he does. Moreover, with the position vacant this late in the year, she was looking for a fast learner.

“Esseln, Lopez, and I have been working together for eight years,” stated Heinrich. “We needed someone who wouldn’t be intimidated as [the new guy]. Guyer brings a new perspective to progress.”

Guyer ultimately took the job because when he researched the school’s performance and the services it offered to students, he knew it was something he wanted to be a part of.

“The job attracted me because I loved the community,” stated Guyer. “I grew up here. It really felt like I was coming home.”

Guyer graduated from Glendale High School and attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he majored in graphic design and went on to work in the film business.

However, after realizing his career didn’t make him feel fulfilled, Guyer quit film and turned to teaching, a profession he had always loved but never thought could make him a living.

Since then, Guyer has taught history classes and received his second masters degree of administrative credential at the University of Southern California. He now lives in Pasadena with his two children and wife.


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