“Gameshow” reveals new sound

By Nyah Toomes

Staff writer

After a two year hiatus, Two Door Cinema Club (TDCC) is back with their third studio album, “Gameshow.”

The album has multiple ‘80s influenced songs, including “Fever” and “Surgery.” I feel that their new sound is more neo-disco, rather than their usual genre: indie rock.

Track four is titled the same as the album. “Gameshow” made me want to get up and dance because of its rhythmic bass. After listening to it, I found myself constantly humming the tune.

The album takes a slow, heartfelt, and more lyrical turn midway with the track “Invincible.” The synthesizers and vocals blend especially well on this track compared to the others on the album.

The album finishes off with “Gasoline,” a song with a foottapping beat and low pitched vocals. To me, “Gasoline” is more about its lyrics and less about the catchy chorus or beat.

The last track of the album “Sucker,” has everything that represents TDCC’s new sound: a nice bass, synthesizers, a catchy chorus, and a nostalgic feel.

Overall, the album takes listeners on an emotional journey, from feeling upbeat to a slowing down with a more mellow and nostalgic vibe. TDCC definitely proves to their fans that they can pull off this new neo-disco style, and beautifully create catchy and lyrically intriguing songs. Fans of TDCC should have an open mind and be ready to take in their new sound.


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