Astrological monster match-up

By Christine Tran

Staff writer


Jan 20 – Feb 18

The grim reaper is the mysterious entity that comes to collect a victim of death and guide them to the underworld. Aquarians and the grim reaper both certainly have an interesting perspective about life and can easily think of out-of-the-box methods to get what they want.


Feb 19 – March 20

Werewolves are impulsive beasts who can pass off as a human until the full moon comes out and their true forms come to light. Both pisces and werewolves often allow their feelings to overwhelm their senses which can lead them to act irrational. .


March 21 – April 19

Goblins are greedy, and mischievous creatures who enjoy taking advantage of gullible people. At times goblins and aries can become overambitious and think they can get away with anything. This behavior often leads to them Astrological monster match-up either getting caught or in trouble.


April 20 – May 20

Zombies have one sole purpose in life, which is to feed their undying hunger. When their minds are set on a target, they can be just as stubborn as a taurus when it comes to getting what they want.


May 21 – June 20

Sirens use their beauty to and mesmerizing voices to lure unsuspecting sailors to their atery deaths. Just like the sirens, gemini are good at showering people with praises, but due to their dual personalities, it is never known if or when they will lash out.


June 21 – July 22

Cancers, like Vampires, can be very challenging to get to know initially and they frequently shy away from people. This can be seen as cold to some people, but in reality the Cancer born are the ones who care the most.


July 23 – August 22

Leos, like Medusa, crave attention and admiration from greater powers, a habit that can and will lead to bad results. Also, due to both of their dramatic behaviors along with other factors, it’s very difficult to look away from either.


August 23 – Sept 22

Virgos have a tendency to be overly-critical, and almost obsessive perfectionists. Boo Hags are skinless human-like monsters who search the earth for victims to murder and take the skin of to wear. But, like Virgos, Boo Hags are never satisfied for long and are obsessed with constantly finding a new, better, healthier skin.


Sept 23 – Oct 22

The three fate sisters are hideous hags who control the threads of fate. One of them spins it, one determines the length, and when the time comes, the last sister cuts the string and ends a life. These sisters, like Libras, do not show any favoritism and remain unbiased to the end.


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Wraiths in popular culture are the visible spirits of the dead who stick around longer in the world of the living. It could be that they have revenge to enact or unfinished business. Scorpios, like wraiths, are also restless when they set their mind on doing or finding out something. Once a scorpio or a wraith is on someone’s trail, they will find it is very hard to escape them.


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Just like the sphinx, a monster who forces those in its path to answer a riddle correctly or be eaten, the sagittarians have a thirst for knowledge. Both have a philosophical view of life and are open to learning, but have a low tolerance of wrong answers and useless information.


Dec 22 – Jan 19

The Capricorn-born find it difficult accepting others’ differences and become almost controlling at times. Similar to the cyclops, capricorns can get tunnel vision when it comes to accepting outside opinions, especially when they differ from their own traditional ways.


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