Leaders share work behind the scenes

By Tiffany Kuo

Staff writer

With the heat of the summer sun bearing down their backs, the members of the Gabrielino Associated Student Body (ASB) sit on the warm concrete ground. Their hands are stained with reds and yellows from writing messages on colorful banners that will soon be posted along the school campus to inform students of upcoming events. The members tear pieces of blue tape, diligently mounting the posters onto the walls, knowing that their jobs will affect the entire student body of Gabrielino.

Beyond poster painting, ASB oversees a majority of student activities that are not publicly displayed on campus. It is responsible for monitoring the amount of money clubs are allowed to use and for contacting advisors to confirm the purchases. ASB also organizes fundraisers to help raise money for club trips.

During after school events such as Back-to-School night or informational meetings, the members return to campus to assist parents unfamiliar with Gabrielino, guiding them to any location needed. Multilingual members of ASB translate for parents who do not understand English.

The ASB staff stays after school and meets on the weekends with Class Councils to plan events that require extensive preparation such as Homecoming or Prom. In conjunction, weekly meetings are held during the class period, run by the president, to track progress and delegate tasks to specific committees.

Senior class officers are in charge of activities exclusive to seniors such as Grad Nite, which requires planning as early as the summer before school starts. They order the class t-shirts, distribute senior crowns, and organize the balloon release during Senior Check-out.

“I feel like it has been [stressful] because we’ve all been busy with Homecoming and new clubs,” notes ASB Vice President Izel Gutierrez, “but we all know what to do and it’s manageable.”

The success of ASB relies heavily on leadership. The team of 29 members is led by senior Karina Gomez who has assumed a vital leadership role. Not only is she expected to communicate with the other ASB officers, but also to guide them to work in cohesion.

The balance between leader and team has allowed ASB to thrive, completing tasks in time to meet the needs of the students at Gabrielino. This relationship is the basis of ASB.

“As a leader, I am proud and committed [to do] my best in any given event or situation,” stated Gomez, beaming as she spoke.



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